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The City of Medicine Hat is undertaking a comprehensive update to its guiding vision, the Municipal Development Plan. This initiative, myMH, will result in a new 30-year citywide plan to be adopted in 2019, putting in place strong and visionary policies to help create a more prosperous, livable and sustainable city.

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Crafting a new vision for our diverse city is a complex task. The City's Planning department, which is creating the plan, must conduct research and analysis, analyze data on current and future trends, incorporate specialized expertise from various disciplines, prepare environmental analysis, and craft policy proposals. Just as importantly, it is essential to build ongoing public consensus to ensure that the plan reflects concerns and aspirations of community members. To help achieve these objectives, the myMH team will be posting opportunities for the community to share thoughts and concepts. 

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Please participate so your values and vision are reflected in the myMH plan. Your participation is important to our city's future.

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