imagine tomorrow

Thanks to all who participated!

Using the kitchen table toolkit, several local groups of 'Hatters got together and contributed their ideas for Medicine Hat's future vision. The myMH team will analyze these great submissions and look for ways to incorporate them into the finished Plan. Great job!

Submission period is now over.

The deadline for submitting discussions for myMH was July 31, 2018 :(  If you are interested in organizing a future kitchen table conversation about another topic, please contact us and tell us about it. We'd love to hear from you.

A kitchen table conversation is a self-organized meeting with a small group of people interested in the outcome of the myMH Plan. Your discussion can be as simple as having a small gathering of friends to answer questions and discuss ideas that are relevant to the long-range future of our city. 


Kitchen Table Toolkit (pdf)


Cardstorming Toolkit (pdf)